May I introduce myself: My name is Helly Vega, grown up in rather steep valleys of the Tyrolean alps in Austria. I know that everything, even the tiniest little speck of dust in the vastness of cosmos has its own deep meaning, and is interconnected with everything else in the most subtle ways.

I somehow chose to focus this life of mine on the realm of frequencies, namely that of sound waves. I feel the deepest gratitude for the possibility to explore the wonders of music, for it is all around us, everything we have to do is listen, perfection is everywhere.

The word perfection may seem inappropriate though, regarding the path we have taken as mankind. And every nice song is just a short-lived interlude if we fail to align all of our being for the good of humanity, and for our living, conscious mother Earth. We should strive for love, and stand together as fellow humans, for it is all a learning curve. I feel ready to give my knowledge and what I am and have for the benefit and development of us all. And above all, I am eager to fight – peacefully – for the light

I'm currently living in Vienna, Austria, and I'm pleased to continue to work on music and to release my messages, and present them live.

Furthermore, I am grateful for any financial support to continue to fulfill these tasks. So please consider donating if you want to help.

Thank You ! <3

February 2, 2022

What is more important than ever at this moment? Is it fear, violence, coercion, separation? Or is it love, trust, self-responsibility, cohesion? The musician Helly Vega deals intensively with such questions and finds a clear answer for them, as in his first single "Hush":


The all-pervasive force of the universe that gives us life as well as our free will, is transforming everything we know at an unprecedented speed. Old world views are crumbling, ideological edifices are collapsing. Our innermost is crying out for change.

So - Let us give ourselves this long-awaited change.
Let us build a future worth living for EVERYONE.
Let us leave behind the desolation of separation, coldness and ignorance, and finally learn LOVING.

The native Austrian, studied drummer and multi-instrumentalist Helly Vega loves the mountains as well as the waters, fire and light. Involved as a musician in various music formations as well as a contributor to art projects, he is already making music for quite a while in Vienna and the country of Austria. About the single "Hush", the first of a series of new songs to be released in 2022, he opines:

"This is a song of beginning. A song of metamorphosis. This is a song about the old and the new. Listen to it as a message of love, forgiveness, liberation and dance. Know yourself and LIBERATE yourself. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Let go and start DANCING!"

September 25, 2022

It's getting autumnal and darker again in the northern hemisphere, and you might think that the darkness is reflected in many of the events we're living through.

One question begs to be answered: What is feeding the accelerated tsunami of misery in the world?

For me, one thing is certain: We ourselves, above all, are constantly feeding this destructive force with our conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions.

And as long as we do this, times will remain turbulent.

Neither will it help us to close our eyes any longer to the effects of destructive agendas such as the "Great Reset" or the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," etc., which are now moving more and more into the collective consciousness.

Only when we examine and question these uncomfortable things, and truly and honestly WANT to move out of the paralyzing current of fear, separation and mistrust, will we see that change is undoubtedly possible.

With purposeful will towards the positive, our problems will dissolve more and more as we drain their energy, and turn our focus to building!

We will discover that our reality is not solely created on the outside, but also deep WITHIN us.

We will discover the power to change the thoughts and deeds that enslave us, simply with a snap of our fingers, by changing our perspective!

This will enable us to see that there is light everywhere, and that this light has long been there.

More and more people now feel that we are not alone, never have been and never will be; that all the separation and all the pain, all the negativity to which we gave ourselves so passionately are nothing but wrong tracks, helpless expressions of the rawness of our consciousness.

Finally a time of TRUST begins.
In that WE ARE the better world, because we WANT it that way, and we simply live it. Full of compassion. Full of respect for life. Unconditionally.

Let's look around us: Have the roses stopped blooming their wonderful petals? Have the birds and the whales stopped singing their beautiful songs? Not at all! The earth is full of wonders, and life is brimming with confidence.

Therefore, let us abandon the specter of separation. We will clearly see that it is only the result of our ignorance, and that we very well are capable of creating all the knowledge, wisdom we need to overcome this poor situation.. With every thought we think, and every action we take.

This is more than just dull talk. It is the path that I stand for. After many battles fought, I now never want to say again that there is no way out. That powerlessness is an old program that is now coming to nothing.

I feel it keenly, and we may all say it now:

I will now rediscover myself!
I will now bring my inner child to life, and full of confidence I will create a LIGHT!

Enough of the shadow! I will NOT bury my head in the sand anymore. I will face my responsibility and will help where I can!
My intention is clear and I know that every little contribution counts.

It is our free choice which view we adopt. Whether we want to continue to surrender to all the negativity, the pessimism and the manipulative influence of the sad war-mongers of our time, or whether we now simply say: NO thank you, enough is enough!

Every destiny is different, every way is different, and nevertheless we all get incessant opportunities to decide how we want to form our world of thoughts. Everybody in his own way.

Who else feels it? The time is now ripe for love! Boundlessly open and terribly pure. Let us allow this love to manifest, it has always been there and will always be there!

Let us recognize this and share our talents and treasures with each other!

In this sense: Thank you for listening, I love you all!



(texts edited 9.4.2023, 6.8.2023)